Group Fitness Classes

The Department of Athletics and Recreation sponsors group fitness classes every semester through the Fitness Center. A variety of aerobic and conditioning classes are available for all full-time/part-time matriculated students. Community members and non members are also eligible to participate. All classes are held in the Fitzgerald Gymnasium. 

Classes are $5 each for members/students and $8 for non-members. Fitness Center members may purchase a FlexPass for $30, which entitles the member to any 10 cardio/excercise classes that fit your schedule. FlexPass is also available to non-members for $55. Classes are on going. Please check this page for any last minute changes or cancellations. You must register for the FlexPass in person at the Fitness Center during any of the hours listed below. For more information please stop by at the Fitness Center, Room 206 or call 718-997-2740.

Group Fitness Schedule of Classes - Fall 2013



6:00pm—7:00pm— Pilates


12:15—12:45 pm— Lunch Time Toning


5:30pm—6:30pm—Boot Camp


12:15—12:45—Lunch Time Toning

Sign in for classes is at the Fitness Center located in Fitzgerald Gymnasium, room 206.

Yoga: Yoga helps you become more aware of your body,mind, and environment. It also serves as a good stress reducer. 



Is a beginner level class that focuses on strength, endurance and stamina. This energetic style of yoga is for all fitness levels due to easy postural modifications. Yoga promotes breath work, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Come ready for a great workout with an open mind! Mats will be provided.

Pilates: helps your mind become in tune with your body. It focuses on building strength without "bulking up"- gaining long, lean muscles and flexibility. It also helps to develop flat abdominals and strong back. 



Is a system that strengthens,stretches and tones the entire body through the use of low repetitions of many integrated exercises. Pilates can help anyone to connect their mind and body, improve posture and balance, and gain stronger and leaner muscles.



Boot Camp:

Teacher: Andrew

This high intensity, fast paced work out is great for people seeking a higher level of fitness training. Get ready for a great cardio vascular work out while focusing on toning and strength.


This is a full bodywork out using circuit training in 30 minutes.





Zumba is a style of intense dance-aerobics. This class will get you up and moving to pulsating Latin music.