Welcome to the Home of Queens College Compliance:

The Queens College (QC) Compliance Office is charged with ensuring that there is full institutional control in all activities directly and indirectly associated with QC Athletics. The compliance staff is committed to educating every member of the QC Department of Athletics and its various constituencies (student-athletes, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends). This education ensures that the Department of Athletics operates following the rules and regulations as set forth by the NCAA, the ECC conference, Queens College and the City University of New York on a daily basis. 

It is the mission of the compliance office to monitor all aspects of compliance to prevent even minor infractions. In the case of a by-law violation, the compliance office will aim to identify, evaluate, and report the violation to the Conference office and the NCAA.

The links below are intended to provide general information about the NCAA rules and regulations. However, they are to be used merely as guidelines, as even the smallest detail can change the proper application of the NCAA rules. The compliance office welcomes any questions or concerns you may have.  We do make every effort to provide answers to questions within 24-48 hours. The response time will vary depending on the complexity of the question and whether consultation with the conference office or the NCAA is necessary.

We appreciate your interest and support of QC Athletics and commitment to assisting us in accomplishing our goal of providing student-athletes with the best collegiate experience. The QC compliance office believes that compliance is a collaborative effort and therefore is the responsibility of everyone involved from prospective student-athletes to alumni.

Compliance Office Contact Information:
65-30 Kissena Boulevard, Queens, NY 11367-1587
718-570-0360 (office) | 718-997-2799 (fax) | athleticsinfo@qc.cuny.edu