What Is the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)?

The primary mission of the Queens College SAAC is to promote a positive student-athlete experience.  Through the Division II motto of “Make It Yours,” the SAAC will strive to provide opportunities for student-athletes to excel in the classroom, in competition, and in the community.  The SAAC will serve as a forum for communication between the student-athletes and the Athletics Administration.

SAAC is a student-athlete run committee that is comprised of athletes from each of the intercollegiate teams at Queens College. They work to maintain open lines of communication throughout the athletic department, share views on rules, regulations and any other issues that may affect the lives of the student-athlete.
The purpose of the QC SAAC is to serve as a liaison between the athletic administration and individual athletic teams. SAAC will represent the ideas and concerns of each team regarding student needs and interest. The end goal of SAAC will be to work toward maintaining and improving the overall well being of the student-athlete.

Contact SAAC
If you have any thoughts or ideas that might do well as a fundraiser or a student-athlete gathering, SAAC would like to hear about it! Please contact the SAAC Campus Liaison:

Jaime Browne
(718) 997-2743

Queens College Department of Athletics
65-30 Kissena Blvd.
Fitzgerald Hall, Room 204
Flushing, NY 11367