Mission Statement

In the belief that an integrated curriculum should foster students’ physical as well as cognitive abilities, the Athletics Program presents students with an opportunity to participate in and enjoy varsity as well as intramural and recreational athletics. Athletics encourages every student-athlete to complete a meaningful academic degree program, participate fully in the college community and prepare for life after college athletics. Athletics is an integral part of the college’s educational program. Athletics strives to provide equitable opportunities (as defined under Title IX and Office of Civil Rights guidelines) for all students to engage in intercollegiate athletics as a means of satisfying the need for sport participation on a high level of amateur competition, according to principles of fair play and amateurism as defined by the NCAA. In addition, athletics provides opportunities for non-players to assist in organizing and conducting intercollegiate events; provides a means for students, faculty and members of the community to develop closer ties and identification with the College; and develops and maintains favorable athletic relations between Queens College and other colleges and universities.  

Teams and Recreational Opportunities

The following teams are open to all students who have matriculated and satisfied the necessary academic requirements as specified by the college and the NCAA:

Men: baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field.
Women: basketball, cross country, fencing, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball.

The recreation program is made up of organized intramural activities and informal open recreation. Students who wish to participate in either program should contact the Recreation Director. Open recreation consists of basketball, swimming, weightlifting, running, tennis, and many other activities. The hours when the facilities for these activities are available are posted in the Recreation Office at the start of each semester. The intramural program is composed of many of the same activities listed above, plus special events such as three-onthree basketball and a Fall Fun Run. Students may enter as a team or ask to be placed on an existing team. Announcements about specific activities and the appropriate forms may be obtained in the Recreation Office in FitzGerald Gym, Room 204D (718- 997-2777).

Students interested in any of these areas may contact the Athletics or Recreation Office in FitzGerald Gym.

In compliance with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act, the Athletics Office has prepared a report detailing the participation rates, financial support, and other information related to our men’s and women’s athletic programs. This yearly report will be available in FitzGerald 204 by October 1.