Fencing Picks Three Wins from Foes at Matt Lampell Hudson River Invite

Fencing Picks Three Wins from Foes at Matt Lampell Hudson River Invite

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (Nov. 19, 2017) – The Queens College women's fencing team rattled off three straight victories in the last three rounds of the Matt Lampell Hudson River Invitational meet at Vassar College on Sunday (Nov. 19). The Knights came out on top over RIT, Yeshiva and LIU Post after dropping their opening three contests to Vassar, Drew and Army respectively.

Round Two – Vassar 16, Queens 11

Following a bye in the first round, Queens began the first of six contests on the day against the hosts from Vassar. In the opening match against the Brewers, QC went behind 7-2 after Sophia Lettieri's two wins in sabre. The Knights went 4-for-9 in foil with both Nicole Michaels and Sabrina Decopain winning two bouts in that discipline; in epee, Anastasiia Kriukova made her debut with two victories while Fatima Maryam (2-1) and Nina Lopez-Ortiz (1-2) compiled the rest of the points for the Knights.

Round Three – Drew 22, Queens 5

Against the Rangers, Lettieri picked up one victory in sabre to start things off. Decopain was the most successful of the Knights' fencers against Drew, winning two bouts in foil. Nicole Michaels picked up a win in foil and Fatima Maryam added a victory in epee to close QC's scoring account.

Round Four – Army 14, Queens 13

Queens began to make a rally in the latter stages of the day, as Lettieri scored two victories in sabre while Nikki-Rose Siapno added a win. The Knights dominated in foil, going 7-2 in the discipline with Decopain winning three matches as Michaels and Alison Shum both went 2-1. Army would win the contest in the epee division despite Kriukova's two wins and Maryam adding a victory of her own.

Round Five – Queens 18, RIT 9

The Knights' first match win of the day came after a dominant effort from all parts of the team. Lettieri went 3-0 in sabre to kick things off and all three members of QC's foil discipline claimed undefeated rounds to give Queens an insurmountable edge. Maryam, Lopez-Ortiz and Kriukova each went 2-1 in epee as the Knights doubled up RIT to put Queens in the win column.

Round Six – Queens 17, Yeshiva 10

Lettieri continued her spectacular roll with a perfect 3-0 mark in sabre for the Knights as Siapno posted a 2-1 mark as well. Michaels and Decopain went unbeaten in foil as Shum collected two victories, keeping the dominance going for the Knights in foil. Lastly, Kriukova claimed an unbeaten record in epee as the Knights dominated the Macs to win their second straight bout.

Round Seven – Queens 14, LIU Post 12

In the final round of the match, the Knights watched as Lettieri continued her sheer dominance by going 3-0 in sabre. Siapno added two victories in sabre for the Knights; Michaels went 3-0 in foil as Decopain added two wins for QC as well. All three members of epee each picked up a win to help the Knights to a third straight victory.

The QC women's fencing team is back in action on Dec. 3 at the NIWFA Christmas Invitational in Madison, N.J.