Facility and Gymnasium Rentals

Facility Rental Policy and Rules for Queens College Athletic Facilities

College Programs take precedence over all rentals. The determination about whether or not the proposed activity is appropriate shall be at the sole discretion of the Queens College Athletics Director or a designee. Events that are sponsored, organized and run by Queens College for College purposes must meet the actual costs of the event being held.

Queens College Athletics Department’s hourly Rates do not include Security, Custodial, or an Administrative charge.  Expenses for these or any additional event needs will be incurred by the customer.

Security requirements are based on the number in attendance and the type of event. Potential renter will be asked to fill out a security questionnaire prior to all events. The answers to these questions will be reflected in the security charges. Typical security guard/attendee ratio requirement is 1:250.  Typical cost per security guard is $40 per hour. Typical rates for security are $40 per hour for one guard for every 250 people in attendance.

Custodial is based on the type of event and the hours of the event. A minimum charge for custodial is $30 per hour for four hours.

We will charge 10 percent of the hourly rental fee for an administrative charge, or a minimum fee of $200 for an administrative fee – whichever is greater.  This fee covers administrative costs involved in the processing of contracts, arranging of all necessary event requirements, and the hiring of an event supervisor who will remain on site throughout the event.The hourly charge will be calculated based on the event time plus two hours for setup and breakdown. The minimum rental will be four hours. All fees are based on input from the customer and any additional charges due to changes will be passed on to the customer. Final payment is due 15 business days prior to event date.

All lessees of the College’s athletic facilities must enter into a contractual agreement with the College that includes the purchase of adequate liability insurance, a copy of which is attached hereto. 

          Non-Profit Use

Rentals to Others than Non-Profit

300 South:  $ 450 PER HOUR

$ 550 PER HOUR

300 North:  $ 300 PER HOUR

$ 400 PER HOUR

300 N & S:  $ 650 PER HOUR

$ 750 PER HOUR

Aux Gym:  $ 250 PER HOUR

$ 350 PER HOUR

Pool:          $ 250 PER HOUR


Ball Fields: $ 200 PER HOUR


Track: Depends on Usage


To inquire about a rental, please fill out the reservation form and email to robert.twible@qc.cuny.edu

NEW: To fill out the required security questionnaire, use this form
and return it to Rob Twible at: robert.twible@qc.cuny.edu.

Fitzgerald Gymnasium 300 S         22,800 sq. ft.
"Main Gym," bleacher seating for 1,200, five (5) basketball or volleyball courts

Fitzgerald Gymnasium 300 N        19,000 sq. ft.
Four (4) basketball or volleyball courts, no bleacher seating

Fitzgerald Gymnasium 300 S&N   41,800 sq. ft. - height over 30'
Nine (9) basketball or volleyball courts, with bleacher seating

Click HERE To view a floor plan of FG 300 S&N.

Fitzgerald Gymnasium Aux Gym             9,375 sq. ft.
One (1) basketball or volleyball court; bleacher seating for 150

Fitzgerald Gymnasium Room 312 (dance studio)   1,650 sq. ft.

Fitzgerald Gymnasium Room 313 (dance studio)   1,650 sq. ft.

Pool (including pool deck)   6,600 sq, ft.
Six-lane, 25-yard pool, bleacher seating for 400

Outdoor fields include: soccer; softball; baseball; and track and field.

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For more information, please call or email Rob Twible at 718-997-2754 or Robert.Twible@qc.cuny.edu .

Indoor and outdoor tennis courts are also available. For more information please call 718-997-2771.