Frequently Asked Questions


1) What happens at open houses?

  • Opportunity to meet camp administrators
  • Tour facility
  • Opportunity to complete registration
  • Q & A


2) Education & Sports Program

  • Each child chooses an academy
  • Classes are 45 - 90 minutes long
  • Maximum class size 22
  • Each class is run by a NY state licensed teacher with at least 2 counselors assisting
  • No homework; no tests
  • Classroom time is structured but designed to be fun
  • Academy descriptions are available in brochure; curriculum is strictly age-specific
  • Children should enter academies based on the school year they are going into the following September.

3) Sports

  • 45 - 60 minutes each
  • Variety of indoor (basketball/volleyball) and outdoor (soccer/softball) sports are included in the academy bundle.
  • Tennis is available for children in most academies (excluding Dance and Theater)
  • Approx. 1 teacher per 25 children in addition to counselor assistance
  • Multiple groups are brought together and then broken down by skill level
  • Skill levels are assessed early and children are grouped accordingly

4) What is the THEATRE PRODUCTION all about?

  • Program is broken down into two (2), 4-week programs

(1st 4 weeks, last 4 weeks)

  • Each age group organizes a musical play which is performed live at the end of the 4 weeks (parents and friends are invited to attend the performance)
  • Aside from lunch and swim, all other activities are theater-related (vocal training, dance, acting, costume/set design, production)
  • All classes are held in the PS 499 theater
  • Any child with an interest in any theater-related activity is encouraged to participate in the theater program (children will have the opportunity to participate in the activity of their primary interest)
  • Program is co-ed
  • Theater program schedule is 9-4 (Late schedules will have a sport activity)
  • Minimal interaction with the rest of camp/campers


5) What equipment/supplies will my child need? Allowed?

  • All sports equipment and education supplies are provided by camp (only equipment permitted are softball gloves and tennis racquets, although these are also provided by camp)
  • Water bottle, Sneakers, Camp t-shirt strongly encouraged
  • Swim suit, towel, lock (ages 9-14), and bathing cap (campers CANNOT swim without a swim cap) are needed for children with swimming in their schedule
  • Light backpack suggested to carry swimming gear, water bottle, etc. (MUST be carried by child during the day)
  • Lockers are available for the swim period, but not available for the whole day. Children will need to carry everything they bring to camp.
  • Change of clothing optional, if needed
  • Personal electronic devices (handheld games, cell phones, etc) are strongly discouraged (camp is not responsible for damage, loss or theft)
  • Other valuable personal belongings (toys, trading cards, etc) should be left home
  • Any clothing/personal belonging brought to camp should be clearly labeled with the child's name


6) What are the registration procedures?

  • Rolling registration (phone, in-person, fax, mail)
  • Minimum deposit of $250 required upon registration
  • Balances due April 1st
  • Late registration (after April 1st) continues until the beginning of camp or enrollment capacity is reached.
  • No late fees but payment in full is due upon registration, unless alternative arrangement are made with camp director
  • Class/Program selection should be done at registration (or as early as possible)
  • All education classes will fill up!! (strongly suggested to select classes a.s.a.p.)
  • First 4 weeks of camp cannot be broken up; last 4 weeks, classes are broken down into two, 2-week curriculums (with a few exceptions, i.e. theater program, test prep)
  • Half-day or partial-week schedules are not available
  • Payment plans can be arranged upon request with the camp office
  • No scholarships or discounts are available
  • Any questions about vouchers, reimbursement etc, refer to Buzz
  • PLEASE NOTE: TWU: Local 100 & Hospital Workers: Local 1199 provide pre-approved funding assistance for summer camp (contact Buzz with questions)

7) If I know my child will be out for a certain amount of time, will registrations fees be adjusted?

  • There are no exceptions during the first 4 weeks of camp
  • There is no credit or refund for any time missed (because camp fills to capacity)
  • Where possible, the camp director will consider requests during the last 4 weeks
  • Because camp is often not filled to capacity during the second half of the summer

** GROUPS **

8) Group Assignments

  • Groups and activities are separated by age, with one group counselor
  • 5 & 6 yr olds (approx. 6-8/group)
  • 7 & 8 yr olds (9 or less/group)
  • 9-14 yr olds (10-12/group)
  • Where possible, children are separated by sex; however, many groups are co-ed
  • Special request (i.e. all same sex, all boys, all girls, etc.) are likely to be honored; however, they are primarily contingent upon registration demands
  • Program changes (classes, groups, activities) are discouraged but will be accommodated wherever possible
  • Children are grouped by sport code (selected at registration)

9) Are there any camp trips?

  • No, all activities take place on the Queens College campus

** STAFF **

10) What are the qualifications of the camp staff? How is the staff structured?

  • Most counselors are at minimum college-age and older.
  • Approximately half of the staff are Queens College students; the other half attend other colleges
  • Many counselors are Education majors and/or college varsity athletes
  • All counselors are screened, interviewed, and trained at an orientation
  • Group counselors' primary responsibility is the safety and welfare of the children; they escort their groups to and from activities and tend to the individual needs of their campers
  • Head counselors supervise approximately 10 group counselors and are responsible for assisting counselors with any issues
  • Every activity is run by a qualified teacher, responsible for organizing and conducting the activities
  • A staff of 20+ administrators oversee all daily activities and are available to the staff during the day to handle any issues


11) How will I be able to contact the camp?

  • Camp office is open from 7:30 AM until 5:30pm
  • Parents may call at any time during the camp day (all calls will receive immediate attention) (718) 997-2777
  • Parents with questions, concerns, or complains should address them to the camp office/administrators; they are discouraged from addressing group counselors directly


12) Daily Schedule

  • Programs begin at 8:00 or 9:00 AM and end at either 4:00 or 5:00 PM (determined at registration)
  • Early drop-off begins at 7:30 AM (no earlier)
  • Camp requests you pick up your child within ½ hour of the end of their program
  • Camp provides adult supervision if late pick-up is required
  • There are additional charges for early drop-off or late pick-up (frequent late pick-up requires special arrangements with camp office)

13) Do different groups interact with one another? Will my child have the opportunity to meet other children?

  • Yes - lunchtime, swim time, sports and education classes are great times for children to meet many others children who have many similar interests

** FOOD **

14) Is lunch provided? Are snacks offered?

  • Hot and cold lunch selections are served to all children (sample menu available)
  • Lunch meals are prepared by New York City Department of Education School Food Program.
  • Main dish, sides, fruit & drink are served to each child at lunch
  • Assorted milks or water are the only beverages offered (lactose intolerance can be accommodated)
  • Non-meat options are offered daily (usually peanut butter and jelly or a cheese sandwich)
  • Special dietary needs should be brought to the camp's attention as early as possible in order to make special accommodations (not every special request may be honored; some children may need to bring their own meals)
  • A small snack will be provided either mid-morning or mid-afternoon
  • Children are welcome to bring their own snacks as long as they do not require refrigeration and are carried by the child
  • Vending machines are available (the Summer Camp is not responsible for these machines)
  • Children with food allergies may need to bring their own meals: contact camp office for information
  • Grab-N-Go Breakfast will be available in the morning.
  • Water is available at various stations across the camp. Children should bring a water bottle to camp so they can refill it periodically throughout the day


15) Is there medical staff on duty?

  • Two medical stations (1 in the gymnasium; 1 outdoors adjacent to the sports fields) are staffed by certified E.M.T's (emergency medical techs) or A.T.C..'s (athletic trainer certified)
  • All Board of Health required medical/first aid staffing ratios are met (and exceeded) daily
  • All administrative staff are certified in R.T.E. (respond to emergencies), C.P.R. and First Aid
  • Children with special medical needs can be accommodated with a completed medical form and a letter indicated the child's detailed needs; camp medical staff will contact each parent to make appropriate arrangements
  • Children with special needs will be evaluated on an individual basis. Special arrangements may be required by the camp to ensure a quality experience. Every effort will be made to accommodate these special needs


16) Is bus transportation available?

  • Yes, for all of Queens (except the Rockaways), and parts of Nassau
  • Transportation fees are not included in the registration
  • Separate arrangements must be made with:

Queens Children Transportation Corporation (718) 726-3500

  • A separate application will be provided to all registrants
  • Parents are welcome to make their own transportation arrangements
  • Most (approx. 75%) campers are dropped off and picked up by parents/relatives/friends
  • Camp provides drive-by drop off assistance
  • Parents must park and come in to the gym to pick up children at the end of the day


17) How are the children supervised in the pool?

  • They are supervised in the pool by 12-16 certified lifeguards/swim instructors and a HEAD lifeguard
  • Lifeguard/swim instructors are certified by the American Red Cross
  • All lifeguards MUST have lifeguard training, first aid and CPR-PR/AED; A few lifeguards will have WSI - Water Safety Instruction
  • Children's counselors provide additional supervision in the pool area
  • Attendance is taken three time - when they arrive, after the lesson begins and before they leave

18) How are the children assigned in the pool?

  • Each group is assigned to a section. The pool is divided into 8 sections by lane lines
  • The group counselor sits in the section where his/her group is
  • Age 5 - assigned to 2 ft tables which are in 4 ft water
  • Age 6 - assigned to 4 ft water
  • Ages 7 & 8 - assigned to 5 ft water
  • Ages 9-12 - assigned to 6-12 ft water

*** Life jackets, bubbles, and kickboards are available for all ages if needed ***

19) Are children taught lessons?

  • Each child will be tested on their first and/or second day of camp
  • Monday-Thursday there is a 20-minute lesson (according to Red Cross criteria) and 20 minutes of free swim time. (each Friday is free swim)

20) What if my child does not know how to swim?

  • Depending on the age of the child, he or she will be given a flotation device in the section with their group or moved to a shallower area is the space allows

21) What equipment does my child need?

  • Bathing suits, bathing caps (campers CANNOT swim without a cap!!), towel and lock (ages 9-14) to secure their items in a locker while in the pool
  • We recommend that all jewelry be taken off because lost jewelry is often hard to retrieve

*** Temperature and chemical levels are according to Board of Health rules and regulations and are checked every morning ***


22) How can someone apply to work at camp?

  • Camp employs over 300 people each summer and welcomes new applicants each year for the following positions:
  • Counselors
  • Head Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Administrative Staff
  • Lifeguards
  • Medical Staff
  • Applications are available at